Children and Young People

At St Cross

Children are welcome to all our services at St Cross, particularly to the All-age Worship which takes place on the first Sunday of each month. After All-age Worship, children are welcome to join us for Sunday Club in church.

Praise and Play

“Praise and Play is a fun and relaxed service encouraging pre-school children to get to know Jesus. Through songs, play and craft activities they learn about the stories from the bible and also how much God loves them all. It is mainly supported by the local playgroup (between 6 – 10 children come every time) , but is open to any children who do not yet go to school. “

Praise and Play at St Cross meets every other Tuesday afternoon at 2:00PM during school term-time

At St Matthew’s

Children are welcome to all services at St Matthew’s. On the first and second Sundays of the month we have FRESH. Children start in church and then make their way to the church hall for their own activities. On the third Sunday of each month, the 10:30 AM service is particularly designed to be all-age friendly.

Praise and Play

Praise and Play at St Matthew’s meets at 2:00PM every Friday during school term-time.

One thought on “Children and Young People

  1. Hi, if me and family wanted to come on the first and second Sunday of the month for FRESH and I wanted to bring my two boys who are one and three to praise and play do I need to sign or fill any information in? May thanks Michelle


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